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I'll spare you the third-person...Jake Roth would never do such a thing...


Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, after being stationed in Hawaii, while serving in the Air Force; I moved to San Diego...yeah, it was for a girl.  I started shooting images of said girl, for fun, and quickly discovered my passion for photography.  It was a fun pre-date thing to do; both of us enjoying our places on opposite ends of the camera.  These shoots became a way to explore my new found passion and compile a few images to get critiqued by photographers I had come to know, at that time.  

We would shoot two or three times a week.  Each time, I'd look for pointers from my friends and things I could look for, next time out; constantly sharpening my photographic knowledge and skill.  

It didn't take long; I had a background in TV production from high school and had always played around with video, mostly editing but I had a decent foundation for composition, that I was able to build from. (Something I've, recently, picked back up with the newer digital cameras allowing me to capture video as well as still images.)   

I was a quick study and soon became friends with a newspaper photographer, through our mutual hobby of photographing models and the like.  He gave me more advanced tips and another foundation...photojournalism, story-telling with images.  When he was unable to shoot a freelance assignment for the AP (Associated Press), he started recommending me...thinking back on those first few assignments, the phrase "baptism by fire" comes to mind.  Admittedly, I was as green as green gets.  It was exciting and the best way I could have possibly learned the craft.

My first assignments was to shoot a high school track meet, then a few portraits (including former presidential candidate the late Sen. George McGovern), and the occasional assistant gig, which allowed me to add more prestigious events, such as The Players Championship at Sawgrass.

As my portfolio grew, with my passion, my mentor suggested I take it to another level and go to school for it.  I ended up attending Daytona State College's school for photography. (Yeah, the girl didn't last. :-/)  

Not long after I left Daytona State College, a Sports Illustrated photographer, who was starting his own wire service, a company that disseminates/sales images to various outlets, contacted me about working for his relatively new company, which allowed me to move back to San Diego from Florida.  It has given me the chance to further grow as a photographer.  I've had images published in many well known publications and tv networks.(Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Mag, Playboy, USA Today,, CBS, FOX, etc) 

Today, I continue to work for a wire service, shooting all of the professional and college teams in Southern California, often traveling for assignments in the Southwest region of the country and the occasional trip to Florida to spend time with family, while picking up some assignments in the state.

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